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Past President

Ivonne Gutierrez is the Human Resources Administrator for the Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.

Ivonne brings more than 32 years of human resources expertise in helping public safety managers and administrators work more efficiently and effectively to meet the complex and wide-ranging challenges facing agencies today. As Human Resources Administrator for Montgomery County’s Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, she helps agencies better identify, understand and address problematic workplace issues.

She creates sustainable programs to meet compliance with local, state and federal standards, and provides staff with the essential tools for monitoring and tracking operational requirements. This process enables agencies to develop or modify organizational policies and procedures that promote better business practices. She also administers and supervises the day-to-day operations of three organizational units (human resources, background investigations, and training and professional development) and four departmental operational program areas (labor relations and bargaining; operational policy; institutional data analysis of policy/regulation research and studies; and case management/workers compensation) serving over 550 FTE’s in a complex, multi-site, 24/7 public safety organization.

Ivonne is an Adjunct Professor with Frederick Community College teaching various technology and administrative related courses. She also serves as a representative for the Mayor in the City of Frederick as a Member of the Police Labor Relations Committee and President of an Advisory Council.

22880 Whelan Lane
Boyds, Maryland 20841
Phone: 240-777-9985 Fax: 2400-777-9997