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Board & Committee Members

Board Members and Committee Chairpersons strive to provide a professional association of persons, agencies and organizations, both public and private, who hold in common professions in criminal justice and make contributions to enhance those professions.

The Board encourages enrollment of persons, agencies and organizations, whose areas of interest, expertise and concern have commonality within criminal justice fields and whose goals and principles are consistent with the MCJA.

MCJA Board Members and Committee Chairpersons will:

  • Promulgate and promote policies consistent with this Constitution and its By-laws.
  • Publish and distribute varied information in several media formats.
  • Conduct and/or sponsor training conferences and meetings.
  • Promote networking of public and private agencies, and individuals engaged in the criminal justice profession and closely related fields.
  • Promulgate and promote a code of ethics applicable to its members.
  • Recognize professional development by awarding scholarships to universities, higher education, workshops, or other professional organizations for students in the criminal justice curricula.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with national associations and agencies for mutual assistance and the exchange of ideas and information.
  • Promote ACA and Maryland standards relating to services, facilities and management within the criminal justice fields.
  • Review, periodically, legislative and statutory matters being considered before the state legislature and courts respectively, relating to the fields of criminal justice to include but not limited to corrections, parole and probation, court services law enforcement, and juvenile justice services for the purpose of educating the membership.
  • Support the goals and objectives of the American Correctional Association.